Captivating Outdoor Spaces: 26 Porch and Patio Ideas for Your Home

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So many people take their porches for granted as spaces only used for visiting guests or as a landing for early morning newspaper deliveries. Others, however, diligently work to make sure that their porch is inviting and elegant to add to the appeal of their home as well as to create a space that they can enjoy. If the only intent of your porch is to gather newspapers and cobwebs, you might consider a fresh look and purpose for the space. Here are 26 jaw dropping porch and patio ideas to transform your home.


This partially enclosed patio looks like another addition to the house itself! The natural lighting from the large curtained windows creates a cozy look enhanced by the blue paneled ceiling that resembles the color of a clear summer sky. With added décor and plush chairs, the look is nicely completed with greenery that brings a little bit of nature inside.


A true picnic feel embodies this patio that features a picnic table, wicker chairs and bench seating. Literally just off of the house, this space is a cozy retreat that allows for intimate gatherings with family and friends with the comfort of home. The potted ferns and trailing vine add extra color to this otherwise neutral color palette.


The first brick patio on our list, this space resembles a classic garden nook where chic meets vintage in a beautiful design. The hanging swing anchors the space with numerous plush pillows that reflect the colors of the brick. The refurbished vintage table and hanging white mantle are functional points of interest. Greenery from the plants beyond the gate to the bust on the green vase add color to the design.


An outdoor fireplace is always an excellent addition to any space, especially for this patio. Resembling a Spanish stucco-style, this fireplace has brick accents around its arch and mantle that tie in beautifully with the stone laid floor. Ideal for a crisp autumn evening, we love the wicker chairs and the greenery that surrounds this charming space.


Ceiling fans outside the house are typically rare to find but, this outdoor patio has two fans that move air throughout the hot summer heat. With a pergola-type ceiling and a masonry wall, this look is open and welcoming. From the collage of crosses on the wood wall to the yellow accent pieces and greenery, the natural lighting and color adds great energy to this space.


Creating a beautiful patio does not require an expensive ceiling or complex lighting. In fact, this patio features a simple striped awning with a blue, yellow and brown color palette that is charming for this cozy space. The outdoor buffet and bistro set make great additions and anchor the room with a patterned rug underneath. Red blooms and greenery finish off this look nicely.


This patio reminds us of a restaurant offering an intimate fine dining experience with friends and family. From the wood beams in the ceiling to the wire fencing that serves as a railing, this look is a mix of natural and vintage chic. Added lighting adds charm to the space and illuminates a beautiful wood table featuring benches and chairs for ample seating.


Although this patio is disconnected from the house, it brings peace and tranquility to the overall space as a miniature getaway. Mirroring a modern garden home, this stone patio is an oasis for gardeners and bird lovers. With a variety of plants from the surrounding garden areas to the ledge under the window, the blooms truly pop against clean lines and neutral colors of the design.


Sometimes, a patio can simply feel like an extension within the house itself, which is what we see here. Located just off of the kitchen, French doors open to an indoor garden oasis featuring natural light, comfort and convenience. Mirroring the décor of the house, the crisp colors and simple furniture are a great addition to this extended area.


From the striped cloth shades to the wicker furniture, this porch offers quaint simplicity and charm. The wicker couch is inviting with plush olive green cushions that mirror the color palette in the hanging shades. The stone floor is a beautiful additional and contrasts nicely against the dark brown furniture and terra cotta pots. Added greenery brings the outer landscape to the space.


Exquisite in design and feel, this patio is one of the most luxurious on our list. A room of its own featuring brick floors and walls with a wood ceiling with exposed beams, this space can be enjoyed all year long. The extravagant fireplace offers warmth and the large dining table centered under the chandelier provides ample space for large gatherings with family and friends.


Simple and elegant, this porch resembles the beauty of a French bistro that can be enjoyed without having to leave home. The brick walls and floors are enhanced by the wood beams in the ceiling and the contrast of the white pillars. The black bistro set nestled in the corner is quaint and works well with the black railing that surrounds the space.


Swinging chairs are common on patios but rarely do they resemble something like the piece featured here. One of the most unique spaces on the list, this colorful room is an eclectic mix of color with lime green, blues, purple and orange. With a beach-theme and a view of palm trees, we can’t help but love the personality and energy of this room!


This simple patio brings the perks of the beach to the house with a natural feel enhanced by simple lines and crisp colors. A natural wood floor and dark blue wicker chairs contrast nicely against the white fireplace and brick. Natural lighting brings energy to the room with an industrial hanging light fixture that adds a modern touch.Porch12

Plantation style porches like this one are the most common in American homes as they are reflective of a traditional southern style reminiscent of hot summer days and breezy nights. From the rocking chairs to the inviting yellow color palette, this design welcomes guests to have a seat and enjoy a glass of sweet tea. We love the traditional white railing and simply landscaping that reflect the traditions of southern design.Porch11

One of the longest porches on the list, this design features high ceilings that add size and grandeur to the space. The white paneled ceiling and columns are stark contrasts against green walls and black shutters. A traditional porch floor and wicker furniture finish the design with beautiful accents of green and red for a splash of color.


Who doesn’t love the look of palm trees especially from the comfort of your own home? This patio offers year-around enjoyment with its plush wicker couch and chairs featuring tropical patterned pillows that add color and charm. A smooth floor creates a neutral palette that contrasts beautifully against the black wicker and the evergreen landscape.


A beautiful and traditional design, this all-brick patio features a fireplace that adds charm to this gorgeous space. With small details in the brick to the hanging lighting, the patio offers comfort and relaxation with its garden views. Yellow pots and green plants mirror both the landscape and the lighting, offering a nice finish for this gorgeous area.


The free-standing fireplace is the true focal point of this outdoor patio and offers year-around entertainment and comfort for guests to enjoy. Surrounded by trees and shrubbery, the space offers ample room for intimate gatherings and breathtaking views from the iron bench and chairs. Not only functional, the fireplace offers exquisite beauty featuring potted plants and candles nestled on its ledges.


One of the largest on our list, this porch swing begs for guests to sit and stay awhile. The contrast of patterns and colors in this space make a beautiful design from the brick house itself to the white siding and patterned rug. With an eclectic collection of furniture, the large refinished table, brown chair and yellow side table are nicely anchored by the large patterned orange rug.


While neutral colors are often the choice for outdoor areas, the red and white color palette brings this porch to life.  One of our favorite designs, we love the red glass doors that open to a garden view and serve as a backdrop to a large rustic swinging chair. With a collection of red pillows and accent pieces, this look is warm and inviting.


Circular in shape, this gazebo-style design offers breathtaking views all year long from its floor-to-ceiling windows. Spacious and luxurious, the room offers family seating with black wicker chairs and subtle patterned cushions, all of which center an ottoman nestled on a brown rug. Added splashes of color from the pillows and potted plants complete the look.


With feel of New England charm, the neutral color palette of this traditional porch is enhanced by the natural landscape and accent pieces. Surrounded by a simple white railing, the white wicker furniture is spread out against a patterned rug that contrasts beautifully against the darker floor. We love how the potted plants and red blooms pop in the natural light against the white décor.


Take in the view of the front yard or enjoy a good book from the comfort of this swinging bench. Again, we see a neutral color palette featuring white siding and black shutters that is enhanced with colorful pieces. A small bench near the window adds interest and function to the area with its wicker basket for added storage.


Finding a unique look can be difficult during the design process but this table took unique to the next level. Using a tree stump as its base, this table brings personality and interest to this beautiful patio. From the white columns to the garden views, it’s easy to imagine morning coffee form the comfort of this simple and charming space.


Often, when it comes to patios, the bigger the windows are, the better. This patio design takes this to heart with its expansive windows that look out into the backyard. A great space for relaxing, this room offers comfort with its wooden chairs and patterned blue rug. Our favorite addition is the center table made of adjoining tree rounds that bring outside beauty to this room.

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