Millionaire Lifestyle: 17 Stupefying Indoor Pools That Will Leave You Green With Envy

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Did you have to look twice to make sure this was an indoor pool? From the white couches to the placement in the room, this pool is incredibly luxurious and modern. Walking in the front door of the house, imagine seeing the plush couches, floor-to-ceiling windows, and massive dual waterfalls. With a huge space and an open layout, this pool truly is the focus of the room


Can you imagine sitting in the pool inside your home while you look out over the ocean and watch the sunset? The worries of sand in your toes or hauling beach chairs are gone with this multi-shaped pool. With a beautiful view paired with ornate patterns in the floor tile, pool, and ceiling, the wall of windows makes for the view of a lifetime.

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Once again, we see that painting the ceiling to mirror the sky is a common feature of indoor pools. This regal design elevates the room with its columns and ceiling while providing a beautiful escape with the windows at the end and light color palette. Here, you can feel the warmth and beauty of the outdoors with ease.


This double feature contains both an indoor pool and a hot tub Jacuzzi that fit in elegantly with the space. The white and neutral color palette enhance the royal blue of the Jacuzzi lights as well as the color of the pool. The patterned tile carries its theme from the floor into the pool itself and reflects the color palette of the room. To top it off, guests can enjoy a gorgeous view with a wide range of windows the meet the edge of the pool.

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