Millionaire Lifestyle: 17 Stupefying Indoor Pools That Will Leave You Green With Envy

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We’ve seen long rows of windows but we’ve yet to see a room like this where a massive open door allows the elements of the outside to come inside when the weather is ideal. To add to the beauty of this elegant room, another pool awaits outside complete with lawn chairs and an exquisite backdrop of mountains.


This two-story indoor pool area easily welcomes visitors with its luscious blue water. From the white couches to the beautiful windows, guests can easily enjoy time in the hot tub or in the pool while taking in a beautiful garden view. With the addition of green trees, the outdoors are beautiful incorporated into this chic design.


For a pool that truly looks bottomless, this indoor space looks like part of a high-end nightclub featuring posh parties and celebrities. From the exquisite marble pillars to the unique gold lighting, guests will no doubt get the royal treatment when they take a dip in the pool. Add in not one but two elegant staircases and we have no doubt this pool experience is unforgettable!


One of the most elegant pools on our list, this indoor pool is truly breathtaking, A simple stroll down the stairs to the level of the pool and guests are blown away the beautiful detail and lighting. Mirroring the painting of jellyfish on the wall, the purple and gold hues are enhanced by a gorgeous waterfall that allows guests to swim underneath the unique feature.

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